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Ques. You are Ranjit /Ranjita . You read in the newspaper that 40 percent area of every cigarette packet shoud be covered with statutory warning  'SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH ' . Even then people enjoy it . Write an article giving some suggestion for 'NEWS DAILY ' .

Ans.                                         Smoking : A Dangerous Addiction 
                                                                                                                - By  Ranjit

Tobacco smoking or chewing has spread  almost all over the world . It has attacked not only on human health but also aggravated the diseases. It has taken even women and children in its grip. Sir Walter Raleigh, who brought it in Europe from America about four hundred years ago did not know one day it would become an incurable addiction of the world . Earlier it was a fashion but now it is problem.
The addict does not know that he /she is doing harm to the non-smoker neighbour also. The non smoker also inhale…



Ques. Today's society is facing with many problems due to lack of morality . The children are becoming more and more quarrelsome and naughty. The increase of corruption is also raising questions. Ash feels that there is a urgent need of Moral Education in the schools . Write this article for school magazine.

Ans.                                MORAL EDUCATION OR VALUE EDUCATION
                                                                                                                               - By Ash

Moral education or value education is the need of the hour . Most of the problems of the modern world are because of lack of morality. Our text books give bookish knowledge. They do not teach us about moral behaviour an the role of  religion in our lives. India is a secular country . So, we are supposed to teach about any particular religion  in schools and colleges. But we must give moral education .This education teaches students to beha…


                                                A well written article or a speech are a delight to read . The hallmarks of a well written article or a speech are well-orchestrated thoughts and ideas . A well written article or a speech raises a point , deals very effectively with it and steers it to a logical and a satisfactory conclusion  . And this is no mean task . It requires an imaginative and a fertile mind , creativity and certainly through knowledge about the issue . Above all , the writer must have organisational abilities.

TITLE :  The title should be catchy and though provoking . It may be inviting or even surprising . In   whatever  possible way it should be able to catch the fancy of the readers . The title could be a single word phrase or even a sentence .

BODY :  An article addresses a specific issue but there can be different ideas , points or an               arguments to support or elaborate that issue . Hence the body of the article is divided into nu…