A well written article or a speech are a delight to read . The hallmarks of a well written article or a speech are well-orchestrated thoughts and ideas . A well written article or a speech raises a point , deals very effectively with it and steers it to a logical and a satisfactory conclusion  . And this is no mean task . It requires an imaginative and a fertile mind , creativity and certainly through knowledge about the issue . Above all , the writer must have organisational abilities.

TITLE :  The title should be catchy and though provoking . It may be inviting or even surprising . In   whatever  possible way it should be able to catch the fancy of the readers . The title could be a single word phrase or even a sentence .

BODY :  An article addresses a specific issue but there can be different ideas , points or an               arguments to support or elaborate that issue . Hence the body of the article is divided into number of paragraphs and each paragraph deals with only one idea , aspect, point or an argument . So it can be said that the body of the article is highly structural as it has a well defined beginning , a middle and a conclusion .

                                                       ARTICLE NO. 1
Ques.- Write an article in not more than 150 words as Rajat Chopra expressing concern at the   Child Abuse prevalent in the country .
 Ans :                                          
                                                            CHILD ABUSE
                                                                                                       - By Rajat Chopra

It is extremely ironical that the largest democracy in the world , negates its very own basic ideal of equally and freedom. It is estimated that 30 million children of India have not entered the portals of an educational institution and contribute to work as child labour  . They are engaged as domestic servants or as help in way side hotels . Some work as ragpickers and some of them even work in mines which can be hazardous.
There are a number of factors which are responsible for this dismal state of affairs . It can be said that the over population is the root cause. Because of the population explosion witnessed by the nation in the past few years , a significant percentage of the population is forced to live below povety line . Those who lead a life of deprivation regard their children merely as earning hands and encourage them to seek employment even for merge returns . As children are most vulnerable defenceless they can be easily exploited . As they cannot fight for their rights they provide cheap labour and are exploited . Such a practice of child abuse has very harmful fallouts . On a national level , its is a wastage of precious human resources which are essential for  a countrys development . Above all , it is a national shame that so many children lead a life of deprivation .
The need of the hour is to take collective action to curb this menance effective legalisation and its implementation is required  to check child abuse . Those who violate the law should be strictly  dealt with Govt. , NGOs , social activists and all concerned and thoughtful individuals should come forward and raise voice against this heinous practice.

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